Energy Coatings

Our mission is to utilize our deep understanding of coatings chemistry and nano material science technologies to create solutions that provide improved performance and environmental and economic benefits to our customers.

Customized Specialty Coatings

Applied to pipes, tubing, couplings, valves and other specialty items, EC's specialty coatings provide customized solutions to abrasion and corrosion problems that have plagued the oil and gas industry for decades. New technologies in the oil and gas industry are creating new challenges. Secondary and tertiary recovery methods as well as highly deviated/horizontal wells and fracking are contributing to an evolving downhole environment. EC's chemical and engineering teams work tirelessly to provide solutions to these challenges.

Proven both in the lab and in the field, EC's knowledge of specialty coatings chemistry and nano materials science makes the company a valued team member, helping our customers develop cost effective methods that keep production online and increase profitability.